Annie Heminway
School of Continuing and Professional Studies, New York University
Annie Heminway - Professor, School of Continuing and Professional Studies | New York University

A French professor at New York University, Annie Heminway instructs French literature, creative writing, translation, grammar, and online literature and writing courses. She has served this institution within the school of continuing and professional studies for the last five years, displaying great strengths in all literature and creative writing matters.

Ms. Heminway conducts workshops at universities all over the world, inviting writers from different countries to attend. In particular, she works with the French embassy regarding cultural services in New York, bringing writers to the country. She has discovered many unknown writers and helped them gain exposure and become published.

She is also a translator, subtitle writer and editor for Mémoire d'encrier, a publisher in Quebec, and she writes and consults for Festival littéraire international de Montréal Metropolis bleu. As a consultant, Ms. Heminway collects groups of people from the U.S. and presents them to international writers.

In years past, she has served as a translator in the cosmetic industry. She has translated more serious books as well, and she was once a subtitle writer for CBS evening news at 7 p.m.

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Annie Heminway
French Professor
School of Continuing and Professional Studies
New York University
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